Top 10 Windows Phone Apps 2014

Windows phone is getting more and more popular in 2014, and at the same time there are tons of new apps come out that are even more capable than iPhone and Android. (For this list, the most common apps such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsUp have been omitted.)

Here is the list of top 10 interesting apps that everyone should have in 2014:

  1. Bing Translate – allows you to translate text into many languages (35 as of today).
  2. Barcoo Barcode Scan – scans the bar codes of any product and gives information where the product comes from, product tests, reviews, websites that could warn against the product and more.
  3. Connection Tiles – allows you to create a tile just for about any setting in the Windows Phone. Comes very handy if you want to speed up your options, calling, emailing.
  4. TeamViewer – connect from your Windows Phone to your home Computer or network and perform various commands.
  5. Weather View – great weather app that shows weather for your favorite cities.
  6. Windows Phone Insider – an app that gives you tips on Windows phone, serving as your guide on using the phone.  It also provides free ringtones and sounds.
  7. Flashlight-X – app that turns on the Flash light. Helps you see in the dark.
  8. – lets you test the speed of your Internet connection from anywhere.
  9. Evernote – save any notices, reminders, text, video,  audio from any website.
  10. Fhotoroom – a Small Version of Photoshop for your Windows Phone. You can edit photos how you want and it has 50 filter effects.

Top 10 Android Apps in 2014

There are tons of Android apps out there, but those are the must have ones:

  1. Viber - app to transfer a voice call to the Viber PC app and at the same time keep talking, or pick up a text message conversation that is already in progress.
  2. Circle of 6 - app is for meant for dangerous situations when you need to get Help quickly from your friends. With just two taps, the app sends pre-written text Messages to up to six contacts. GPS Location is tracked via the app.
  3. Runtastic Pro - the app stores your routes, with Information rich apps. Good for cycling, running and walking.
  4. SleepBot – Sleep Cycle Alarm -  helps you wake up better. Ist not just an ordinary alarm app, but it tracks your sleep movements and nocturnal sleep cycles and determines your lightest sleep phases, where it is best to wake up.
  5. Yelp - Review Restaurants, bars, caffees and other Locations. Check customer comments, opening hours and more.
  6. Google Goggles - use the app to take a snapshot from anything. such as a painting, written text or panorama. The app can automatically translate foreign text, QR codes, barcodes.
  7. ShopAdvisor - helps you avoid impulsive purchase. You can see product’s price history, various offers both online and local for the same product. You can also setup price alerts.